Hello, I am eye.  Pleased to meet you.

My name was given to me two and half years ago by someone who saw me in a way I felt I had never been seen before.  Someone who spent the time necessary to get to know me, to get into my head and who asked me “what do YOU want eye?” at a point in my life when I was on the verge of being totally consumed by the desires, needs and wants of those around me.  The ramifications from that simple question in my life have been huge and I find myself akin to a shipwrecked sailor, cast adrift on the sea by storms, surrounded by wreckage and buffeted by waves and recently come to land in a strange, beautiful and unfamiliar place, but I remain grateful that someone cared enough to ask me the question.

I am engaged in putting my creative practice and my needs and desires at the centre of my life instead of consigning them to the scrag ends of the day when my energy is low.  This blog is part of that process.

Friends are welcome, although I should warn you that any questions asked of me may turn into writing prompts.  I will credit you when that happens if you want that but if not it will remain our shared secret.  If you would like to ask me a question DM me on twitter, I am @_Masterseye there.

I read voraciously, and blog with increasing frequency.  Music, art food, dance, new things, myth,  exciting ideas, travel, beauty, and my children are my passions.  I love it when they coincide.  Those I love know that I love with a fierceness and with my will engaged to make it good and special for all concerned. Equally I can allow a great deal of space if that is what is wanted by either party.

I engage on various social media sites and cross-post links to this blog in many places.  I am delighted to find that this new land is not uninhabited as I feared but is peopled with a striking diversity and range of opinion, insight and kindness.  I will be exploring its bays, mountains and valleys daily and if we meet during my forays, know that I come in peace.

My latest venture is a joint podcast with @Watching Distant and @Mistress34F which features sex positive guests and lighthearted chat about all things sexy and lovely.  Find out more here  But in the meantime see you around.


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