#SinfulSunday – close shave

The hair on my legs grows quickly, is still blonde, and glints as it catches the sun’s rays through stockings or tights.

I have tried epilating;  cheap, effective but leaves me with small bumps.  Waxing; the smoothest, most long-lasting solution.  And shaving which is quick, effective and lasts, at the most, an evening.

For those few glorious hours though, I am so smooth a silk scarf could not do anything more but fall gracefully to the floor if it was allowed to languidly drop on on my outstretched leg.  I love it.


Don’t forget to click on the lips below to see who else is being sinful this Sunday.


Sinful Sunday


29 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday – close shave

  1. I think you may have highlighted another potential kink for me, there is something about the way the lather foams across your legs and the tracks of the razor that makes me go oohh! It’s a glorious image.

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  2. Fantastic image. The black and white is particularly beautiful and highlights that gorgeous bra. It’s also an unusual subject for Sinful Sunday. Very refreshing to see something new!

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  3. i am extremely lazy about shaving and I let it go a very long time…when I do have to shave I nair, once last longer, I don’t get cuts and best of all, I don’t miss a long streak that goes from my ankle to the knee, like i skipped an entire section
    by the way
    you make shaving look so darn sexy!!!

    happy Sinful Sunday

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  4. The simplest moments are often the most beautiful. The black & white just add to the simplicity of this shot. I like the contrast of black and white and gray, with your hair, your bra, and the shaving cream.

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  5. I love the razor going through a soap, to reveal your skin. It’s a really interesting thing, the way that semi-concealment and semi-exposure seems to draw the (as it were) eye.

    Lovely photo!

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  6. There is something so sensual about this image. I’d never considered shaving as something sensual before!

    I too am a shaver, it’s quick and easy and my hair grows back at lightning speed. But for that hour or so I love the feel of silky smooth legs, especially when they slip between freshly laundered sheets…bliss!

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