#SinfulSunday – hair

In my youth ladies over 50 cut their hair short or wore it up in a bun and pretty much everyone coloured it unless they had a blue rinse.

I began going grey in my 30s and made a decision then not to dye my hair, I was just too lazy and too tight to spend the time and money at the hairdressers!

These days I am happy that I made the decision. I love my long silver hair and wear it as a symbol of rebellion against those mores. I also enjoy spending the time I save in more pleasurable ways πŸ’‹

This wonderful image was taken and edited by @Exposing40 aided by excellent cushion removal by @mandapen

Don’t forget to click on the lips below to see who else is being sinful this Sunday

42 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday – hair

  1. Yjr colour of your hair is perfect and you re certainly blessed with having the “silver” type of grey rather than the type that looks dirty. To me, it looks silver/blond. I am also wondering if you are naked from the neck down πŸ˜‰

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  2. I love your beautiful hair. I am looking forward to mine being all silvery grey so I can stop dying it. I will happily rock the silver locks like you but at the moment it is just peppered with grey which makes my very dark hair look dull. Once the grey really takes over I shall let it out I think…..Oh and like you, I can’t be bothered with hairdressers and so do it myself out of a box, well actually Michael does it for me but you know what I mean


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  3. just 1 of the many parts of you that is lovely is your hair. After all going grey or in my case white isn’t a bad thing. It can become something truly sexy

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  4. I meant to comment earlier but got sidetracked. Love this vivid image – the couch colour contrasts beautifully with your lovely hair, and such a clever pose to highlight its glory. Women need more gorgeous images like this to inspire them to embrace their natural beauty! Thanks for sharing.
    May I add to my Pinterest collection please?

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  5. My god, you have the most gorgeous hair – this photo is mesmerizing… I just want to grab handfuls of it! I imagine you have a *lot* of fun with it when you play…

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  6. You have the most beautiful hair. I would love to have been as brave as you not dye mine. However, I know that mine, under the dye is somewhat different. xx

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