#SinfulSunday – bound

The prompt this week is B and I have chosen another of the pictures from my weekend of rope in August.  Due to my no face picture policy you can’t see the expression that the intensity of holding this position had on my face but believe me it was intense.

The rope bisecting my body was attached to my hair. I was on tiptoes, my arms aching as I breathed heavily to process the sensations and maintain the pose.

Bound and held 💋

Pic by Cruisier

Rope by Nathan Zuberi

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Sinful Sunday

34 thoughts on “#SinfulSunday – bound

  1. Surprised they didn’t have you Balancing on a Bamboo Beam as well 🙂

    Hopefully we may get to see that expression some day.

    Glad you had a wonderful experience.

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  2. Wow, when I first looked at the picture, it almost appears relaxed until I read about the fact you were on tiptoes and how you were tied. A very good use of the word “B”

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  3. This is fantastic, and has also been really well edited – the detail of the ropework jumps right out, without taking anything away from the impact of the body it’s binding. Love it.

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