#SinfulSunday roundup 275

Blimey! So many great images and ideas it was very difficult to chose.  But five leapt out at me because of their shared theme Рwell it was obvious to me that they were all very cheeky!

First up is¬†Eugene’s Woolly Breast – ¬†He reckons he was inspired by me! ¬†The cheek of it!

Secondly the always lovely The Other Livvy ¬†– this was just lovely cheeky ¬†badness. ¬†I can imagine the smile on her face can’t you?

These guys are excellent – great products and the most brilliant attitude G Silicone’s Dr Dildo¬†– an artful image with a great cheeky smile

Fourthly Exposing 40 Рshe manages to marry bare faced cheek with a sense of poise and elegance.  Always exciting and regularly thought provoking.

What can I say? ¬†*fans face* just that if a great deal of water didn’t separate us then¬†Holden & Camille¬†would not have been alone!!

#SinfulSunday is a wonderful meme, curated by the equally fabulous Molly of http://www.Mollysdailykiss.com  Рhow about you join in next week?

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