Why am I here? Why are you here for that matter?

This blog is a kind of journal, a place where I can post my thoughts as I make my way across the unknown seas of single life in my fifties.  It is my attempt to build and supply a sea-going vessel for myself that will sustain my journey.  I also plan to gather maps, make new friends and have life-expanding experiences along the way.

Welcome to aboard SS Maiden Voyage shipmates.


We’ll keep going ’til we spy land….

PS. My images and writing are often explicit and definitely NSFW or under 18s.

Please use your own judgement about whether or not to continue to read.

7 thoughts on “Why am I here? Why are you here for that matter?

  1. I’ve literally just found your blog 10 minutes ago and already it’s made me smile.. so refreshing and with beautiful thought out words xx I’m so glad to be on board
    Muj xx

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  2. I’ll be honest I was drawn to your blog due to your photo and radio 6 tweet. Shallow yes. I’ve been reading your first blogs and I’m totally hooked. The honesty is deeper than I’d thought. Keep up the great writing and I’ll try and catch up on your last 9 months.

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